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The Red Plague (1/lots)

Plot: One day a group of gypsies arrives in the city of Scoppio and there’s something strange about the way they act, behave. It's strange how they appeared the same time mysterious killings began to occur in the kingdom. It's even stranger when the hyperactive soothsayer finally gets a useful vision.
Genres: Slight!Angst, Romance, Fantasy, HunHan, Taoris, Kaisoo, Baekyeol, Unintentional!Comedy
A/N: Krivvy is a newbie to fic writing~ Andandand part one is exactly 1674 words

The news of the strange killings in Vultur spread like wildfire. One man, identified as Yixing had been bitten and later, after being found, his corpse disappeared. The city mourned his death. Yixing’s smile, which was accompanied with the cutest dimples, was no longer there to cheer up someone in a time of great sorrow, despair, or loneliness. A week later, the same incident happened to the dashing, chiseled face Jongdae, the son of the wealthiest merchant from Scoppio, the kingdom's capital city.
“Explain this to me!” a shout sounded from across the room at the the informant. 
“Well...your highness--” the messenger is cut off by an impatient Prince.
“TELL ME THIS....” the prince interrupts loudly, his eyes burning passionately with rage “how do my subjects-excuse me-the king’s subjects keep disappearing after being found?! It’s not like dead people walk after being dead for hours!” The messenger shuffles his feet, looking at the stone floor.
“Well...you see. It just happens. We find the victims, and after being found, and properly inspected for injuries and cause of death, they just ‘poof’ away or something...” The man looks up at the prince and the look on the baby-faced man is anything but amiable.
“Why don’t you just ‘poof away’!?!” he shrieks, his normally serene face contorted into an expression of complete and utter fury. Upon hearing the disgust in his highness’ tone, Zitao walks into the room.
“Prince Luhan,” he announces “may I provide any assistance?” he asks, bowing to the Prince. Luhan’s face transforms back into his normal state of eternal innocence.
“Zitao, be a dear and take this poor man out of my sight.” Luhan sighs, fanning himself. Zitao shrugs and takes the man by his arms, nearly dragging him out of the castle. Luhan slumps back into his throne with a sigh. Zitao, after having taken care of the alleged nuisance, looks up at his friend. “What’s it like being a knight? It’’s better than being a prince, right?” Luhan ponders, his eyes focused on the intricate circles on of ring’s design. 
“Well, Luhan...” Zitao was unsure of how to start. The last thing he wanted was to unknowingly insult his rather sensitive friend and end up being thrown out of the castle like the man before him. 
“Nevermind, I was thinking out loud!” Luhan says when he hears the uncertainty in Zitao’s voice. Zitao looks up at the prince, making eye contact. “Don’t worry about it!” Luhan reassures with an adorable smile when Zitao opens his mouth to say something.
In another part of the city, a young painter by the name of Kyungsoo resides in his cozy cottage. He was working on a painting of Scoppio’s grand and luxurious castle. Deep in concentration, he guides his brush across the canvas, making sure to capture all of the important details. Unfortunately, his moment of peace was rudely disturbed when his front door suddenly opened and banged against the wall. Kyungsoo didn’t even need to look to know who the guest was. 
“Kyungsoo!” A loud, boisterous voice greeted. In came a young man with a curly mess of hair on top of his head and a wide, toothy grin, along with his extremely large ears that poked out of his mass of hair. Kyungsoo looks from behind his painting and glares at him. 
“What is it, Chanyeol? I almost messed up on my artwork!” Kyungsoo let out an exasperated sigh and placed his brush down. Sometimes, he wasn’t sure why he decided to befriend an energetic soothsayer like Chanyeol. 
“I have a prediction, Kyungsoo. This one might determine the fate of our people!” Chanyeol shouted, waving his arms about in an energetic manner. 
“And what else is new?” he replied, rolling his eyes before turning back to the painting he was working on before.
“But what? Get out!” Kyungsoo says pushing the lanky, boisterous  teenager out of his cottage. “It’s no use telling me; what can I do? I’m just a painter, Chanyeol. You need to tell the prince if you think it’s that serious.” Kyungsoo shuts the door in Chanyeol’s face, not fazed by the puppy dog pout Chanyeol always uses when things don’t go his way. Turning back towards his canvas he hears a muffled “Pllleeeaaseee...” followed by a soft kick on his door. Kyungsoo exhales a breath he’s been holding in since Chanyeol barged in so unexpectedly. 
‘What if he’s right this time around...’ Kyungsoo ponders before laughing at himself. It was a silly idea; Chanyeol being right? How absurd. Chanyeol was usually on the other end of the spectrum. What was there to worry about.
Chanyeol found himself stuck in-between a rock and a hard place; keep the vision all to himself, or face the wrath of Prince Luhan? Sighing, Chanyeol turned from Kyungsoo’s front door and dejectedly walked into town. 
He walked around the shops, looking at this and that, but he still couldn’t get the vision out of his head. At one of the shops Chanyeol stopped at, he saw something; it was a metal cuff bracelet with a sun looking design on it. ‘Reminds me of...light!’ 
Chanyeol looked around, these kind of revelations usually caused him to jump and clap his hands together like a maniac. And like many times before, Chanyeol had done just that. To his relief, which was paired with a sigh, no one was there to see. He put the cuff down where he had found it and left the marketplace for something else to do.
“What a funny person he is...” Baekhyun said quietly chuckling to himself. He turned around and almost jumped at the sight of a tall and looming figure, better known as Wufan. 
“What were you muttering about?” He asked, arching an eyebrow at the smaller boy. 
“N-n-nothing, Wufan!” Baekhyun yelped. 
“Oh really? Doesn’t look like nothing.” Wufan says. He grabs Baekhyun by the shoulders and spins him around so he is looking into the mirror hanging on the wall behind them. Baekhyun lets out a small gasp. His eyes, normally a dark chocolate brown, have a slight red tint to them now. Something that only shows when a vampire is lusting for blood. 
“Oh...” he sighs turning around to face Wufan, “What do I do now?
“Well. You eat...?” Wufan replied, a look a reproval etched on his face. “What else would we do?”
Baekhyun sighed again before walking around the counter and leaving the shop. It was time to hunt. 
 With a soft thud, the lifeless body of a scantily clad harlot slumped against the walls of the cottage. There were two, visible red bite marks on the nape of her pale neck. Baekhyun licked up the remaining blood from him lips before smirking slightly. All it took was a little flirting and she, his dinner, was all his. Satisfied, he left the home and began to make his journey back to the shop. Along the way, his eyes caught sight of the curly-haired boy from earlier. He seemed to be making his way towards the palace. Baekhyun desperately wanted to follow him, but decided against it. 
“Your Highness...” Zitao’s voice interrupted the Prince’s thoughts, “Chanyeol requests that you listen to his ‘vision’.” Luahn nods, fixing from his lackadaisical position on his throne. Zitao walks away to let Chanyeol into the room. Luhan stares at the wall across from him. When he hears footsteps approaching, he gives the owner of the footsteps his undivided attention. 
“Your Highness,” Chanyeol bows, “I fear that we could be in grave danger.” Luhan rolls his eyes; Chanyeol always begins like this.
“Go ahead. Please tell me what you saw this time.” Luahn deadpans waving his hand, a sign for Chanyeol to say whatever it is he has to say.
“In my vision, I saw a group of people in cloaks. They seemed to be hiding from a blazing sun that hung above them. I thought they were nomads-er, gypsies at first, but then they started feeding on some animals that were in a nearby pasture. Then an image of our city flashed before my eyes before the vision ended.” Luhan stares at the tall, gangly man. The man stares back with anticipation. Maybe this time Luahn will believe him.
“And you’re sure this isn’t like previous times where you tell me this and that and then you realize you were just sleep deprived? Are you sure this isn’t one of those times?” Chanyeol nods, and then shakes his head obviously not really processing what the Prince just said. The Prince sighs and looks Chanyeol in the eye.
“Just...Just go home.” he says, remorse thick in his voice. Why even bother listening to this idiot anymore? Sure they were friends in some sort of way, but that doesn’t mean he has to listen to Chanyeol prattle about something that obviously isn’t true or bound to come true.
Chanyeol looks at the Prince and sighs. “I’ll see you later Lulu.” He turns and walks out of the castle, nudging Zitao on the way out. Zitao turns and looks at Chanyeol. 
“Chan...Chanyeol...” Zitao says quietly. The man’s large ears pick up the sound and he turns to face the voice.
“What is it? Are you going to laugh in my face like last time?” Chanyeol murmurs dejectedly
“No! For once, I don’t think you’re crazy or insane. I don’t know. I don’t know why, but for some reason I think you’re right.” Zitao replies almost apologetically. Chanyeol looks at his friend, and smiles.
“Thank You.” He says, a giant smile erupting from his previously downcast expression. 
“Now go get some sleep.” Zitao says, patting Chanyeol’s head. “Oh, and be careful on your way home. I hear these random killings happen at night.” Chanyeol nods and begins his journey back to his house. Standing on top of the hill the castle sits on, he takes note of the the streets still lit with light from the candle-powered lamps, and the ones completely shrouded in darkness. 

Tags: au, exo, fanfic, the red plague
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