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The Red Plague (2/lots)

A/N [krivvy]: I wrote most of this chapter. Thoughts are in italics...
Chapter 3 will be posted on thursday, this week was an exception because reasons.
ohohoh. pt 2 is 1370 words.

“But why does Joonmyun get one? I want one too!” Baekhyun whines at the leader. Wufan groans and hides his face in his hands.
“Because...” he starts, the words muffled by the abnormally large hands covering his mouth, “You haven’t found him yet.” Wufan looks up at Baekhyun, the small man’s lips twisted into a scowl, rage present in his eyes.
“You don’t know that yet!” Baekhyun protested before storming out of the campsite and away from the deserted field where their camp was set up. He looks around in the darkness of the night and takes off towards the city. The scent of the curly-haired boy lingered in the back of his mind.
Back at the campsite, Wufan paces around in his tent the faint whispers of ‘this is bad. bad...’ slipping out from under his breath. He sits on his cot and twiddles his thumbs. The crease in between his eyebrows disappears when he realizes something. What was there to worry about? Everyone finds their other half eventually. Maybe Baekhyun really did find someone. Maybe....
“Wufan?” a voice calls. Wufan looks at the front of his tent at the outline of the body outside of his tent. He stands up and walks to the entrance of his tent. 
“Yes Jongin?” he replies, stepping out of his temporary room. 
“Where’d Baekhyun go?” 
“I don’t know, but don’t worry. He’ll be back. Go sleep or something...” Wufan says ruffling the boy’s hair before pushing him towards the shared tent. Jongin looks over his shoulder, sending a glare towards Wufan. “Goodnight~” Wufan says before slipping back into his tent.
Across the camp, Jongin hears Joonmyun and Yixing talking about something, saying sweet little nothings to each other; the sound of it causes Jongin to gag. ‘Love is so stupid.’ He thinks
For some reason Wufan let Yixing into the group so easily. One day Joonmyun showed up with him and that was that. Whenever he asked Wufan about it, all he got as a reply was a sigh and Wufan’s shaking head. Sometimes Wufan would mutter “Maybe later, ok?”  before walking away from a confused Jongin. 
Chanyeol gazes up at the stars, the tiny sliver of the moon guiding him through the darkened streets and alleyways. 
 “I’m not crazy, am I God?” he questions at the twinkling lights. Someone must be up there watching him. It’d be nice to get a reply from whoever it was. Chanyeol looks down at the dirt road under him and shuffles his feet a bit before walking down the path towards home. The wind blows, something about it just doesn’t feel like the end of August because it sends a chill down his spine. 

The dead silence of the night is interrupted by the sound of clattering pots and pans. Chanyeol jumps at the noise, startled.
What if it’s the mysterious killer running around the kingdom? What if his life was about to end? What would happen then? 
He sighs at his thoughts; it’s not like anyone would miss him because they all think he’s as mad as a hatter. His eyes catch the figure of a small animal moving from the corner of his eyes. Chanyeol lets out a deep breath and laughs silently at himself. “Always making a mountain out of a molehill...” he comments to himself when he reaches his house. He pushes open the small door of his tiny and somewhat dilapidated cottage.
Despite being the town’s soothsayer, he lives on the outskirts of Scoppio with the rest of the city’s peasants. Chanyeol rubs his eyes as he looks around the small room he calls home. Everything had been turned upside down. Of all of the places to rob, why his place?! 
He looks around the room, making sure nothing important was missing. He took note that his spices and incense were still there, completely intact. Next, he went over to his sleeping area. The clothes were everywhere, looks like he’ll have to do laundry tomorrow. He gasps when he discovers his favourite shirt is missing from his small assortment of clothes. ‘But why just a shirt?!’ Chanyeol questions, stomping his foot and sitting down on his bed. It’s too late to do anything now, so Chanyeol lays down on his bed, covering himself with his quilt. ‘It’s better to sleep than to stay up all night complaining.’ 
On the outskirts of town, Baekhyun smiles at the shirt he stole from the man he had met earlier in the evening. This should keep him sane for at least a few more days, but after that what would happen? Would he have to steal another shirt? What if he had to do something worse? Baekhyun walked back into the camp and sat down in front of the small fire that was slowly dying. He felt his eyes closing and he took that as a sign that it was time to just relax. 

Vampires don’t sleep so during the night, they feed. During the day they hide from the sun in the shadows, watching for something, rather, someone.

Today, however, was a tiring day for Wufan. Baekhyun’s constant complaining about how Joonmyun gets to have  a mate, and he doesn’t was really starting to aggravate him. Keeping shop without lunging at the customers and feeding on them was an arduous task. 
Wufan was tired, slightly dizzy, and awfully hungry. Come to think of it, he hadn’t fed since a couple of nights ago, no wonder he wasn’t himself! After realizing the only thing to do was to find someone to eat,  Wufan slipped on his boots and left for some dinner. 

A teenage girl slips out of her house, set on ending her life. There was nothing good left for her. Her father was abusive and her mother had been missing for days. She gets to the bridge above the river outside of Scoppio. In a few seconds she would be hurling towards the water. She steps up onto the railing of the bridge and just as she’s about to tumble down to the rushing waters, she’s pulled into the arms of a tall man with tied back long hair, the colour of mouldy hay. 
“Are you sure you want to die like that?” The man says, his voice low and seductive.
“Do you have a better way?” she asks staring into the man’s eyes. The look the red pools give back cause her to shudder and she half faints in the man’s arms wrapped around her. A sinister smile appears on Wufan’s face. He nods and sits her against the wall of the bridge.
“Close your eyes...” Wufan takes her face and turns it to the side, exposing her neck. He feels around for a vein. When Wufan finds one he wraps an arm around the girl’s waist and another one around her shoulders. “Relax...” he whispers before kissing the spot on the girl’s neck. Wufan looks up into the girl’s eyes for the last time before she dies. Opening his mouth he whispers “You’re welcome” before biting down on her neck. The girl thrashes in his arms, and her lips part slightly, silently screaming before her body goes limp in Wufan’s arms. After having his fill he picks up the lifeless body and throws the it off the side of the bridge. “Poor thing.” he murmurs looking down at the water.
A guard stands unfazed from what he just saw happen. He had seen the man do something like this before, but where? Was it in his dream? With a shrug of his shoulders, the guard walks into the city; why was he even awake at this hour, he said he was going to have a relaxing night at home, but something was keeping him awake. 
Wufan smells the air around him, the scent of another person drifts into his nose. From the corner of his eye, he catches a guard walking back into the city. Silently, Wufan follows the guard back to the palace. Wufan sits on a rock outside the palace, his eyebrows knitted together in thought. The rising sun interrupts the darkness of the night and Wufan’s thoughts a few hours later. Time to open shop...
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