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The Red Plague (Prologue)

A/N 1: Hi, we've already got three chapters (and then some) of this written (we have a lot of proofing to do) and we plan to write more. To be honest, this is like something we decided on randomly one night a few weeks ago and haven't lost insipration on (yay!) so we hope whoever reads our humble work of literary art appreciates it for what it is. We hope that it doesn't bore the reader to death. We hope people actually read it OTL. Without any further ado, The prologue to "The Red/Crimson Plague!" -Krivvy (My real name is Olivia but SHHHH)

A/N 2: Hi! Wow. I am so happy that we finally got our chance to post the prologue! We've worked long and hard on this story, so I hope you all enjoy reading it! <3 -Tiffu

*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

  A child runs down the dimly lit, cobblestone street, the lamps barely providing enough light to see where he’s going. Not seeing the obstacle in front of him, he trips over the unseen leg and tumbles to the ground with a sharp cry. A couple of minutes later, after the boy has calmed down from the initial shock he notices no one else is around and stands up, gripping his scathed knee while wincing from the pain. Turning around to see the owner of the leg, he screams. The man is dead, and from the look of it he’s been dead for about...well the boy doesn’t really know, but he guesses he’s been dead for quite some time. Horrified, the boy turns on his heels running away in the same direction he came from. The stinging cut on his knee the least of his worries. However in his haste, there was something the boy didn’t take notice; two bite marks by the unicorn tattoo on the man’s neck...

Tags: au, baekyeol, exo, fanfic, hunhan, taoris
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